Master Magicians and Phantoms: An Interview with Lee Falk, Part IV

Today we post the final installment of The Jade Sphinx’s throwback interview from 1996 with the incomparable Lee Falk (1911-1999), the creator of The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician!


What do you think of the recent incarnations of The Phantom, like the cartoon series Phantom 2040, or Defenders of the Earth?

First off, the animator of Defenders of the Earth concentrated on Mandrake, The Phantom, and Flash Gordon. They figured the kids would like something in a future time, with interesting technology and what not. So they grouped them with Flash in the future. I rather reluctantly agreed, thinking that maybe that was the way of the future, so let’s do it. We made The Phantom the 25th generation of the character, and the great-grandson of Mandrake. But when the animators depicted them, they just used the three, Mandrake, The Phantom, and Flash Gordon. I asked why they had excluded Lothar from it all. Here’s a hero who happens to be black, and millions of black and brown fans think of him as a role model. I argued that he had to be in the posters as well.

Master Magician: An Interview with Lee Falk, Part One

Many Web users like to post old images and photos on Thursday. This practice is known as Throwback Thursday. We thought it would be a perfect time as any to post an in-depth interview with legendary comic strip creator, Lee Falk (1911-1999).

This four-part interview was first conducted in 1995, and Part One is published today with permission from The Jade Sphinx.