Happy 80th Anniversary, Mandrake!

This date in history marks the day when readers were first introduced to the mystical powers of MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN. The first comic strip appeared in newspapers on June 11, 1934.

Since the strip’s debut eight decades ago, Mandrake has remained a fan favorite and has a loyal following of dedicated readers. For that, we thank you!

Master Magicians and Phantoms: Lee Falk Interview, Part III

Below is an excerpt of a 1996 interview between legendary comics creator, Lee Falk, and James Abbott, who writes a blog called “The Jade Sphinx.” This interview was conducted in 1996 and is published with Mr. Abbott’s permission.


How would you explain the overwhelming popularity of Mandrake and The Phantom abroad? 

They’re very popular in Mexico, South America, Argentina and Brazil. I’ve been to these places and spoke to the people, talked at press conferences, and all that. In Barcelona, they started publishing a complete works of “The Phantom,” and he got out about six big volumes of comic books before he went bankrupt, publishing them in Spain and Portugal.