Master Magician: An Interview with Lee Falk, Part One

Many Web users like to post old images and photos on Thursday. This practice is known as Throwback Thursday. We thought it would be a perfect time as any to post an in-depth interview with legendary comic strip creator, Lee Falk (1911-1999).

This four-part interview was first conducted in 1995, and Part One is published today with permission from The Jade Sphinx.

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How Would You Have Ended “Vanguard of Shadows”?

Hi Mandrake fans,

Welcome to the official Mandrake the Magician website! We are so glad you are here, joining the lively community of dedicated Mandrake fans. There are 10 years of Mandrake archives on this site, so have fun exploring the comics using the “Calendar” feature above.

In today’s post, we have a question for our fans.

As you know, Fred Fredericks, the longtime artist and writer of the Mandrake the Magician daily-only comic strip, announced his retirement recently. The comic strip has since gone into reprints, serving up great Mandrake stories from the archives.

The last story Fred wrote, “Vanguard of Shadows,” began on 5/27/13. The last strip from that storyline ran on 7/6/13, and the storyline did not have a clear ending.

11-21-2013 4-13-50 PM

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11-21-2013 4-16-35 PM

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We want to know: how would YOU have ended “Vanguard of Shadows”? Share your ideas in the comments below!